Summer Courses

Starting from Universitas Gadjah Mada’s commitment to participate in introducing cultural diversity and education in Indonesia, UGM endorses faculties and units to conduct short term programs particularly for international students who wants to know more about Indonesia, both from cultural and educational aspects. The programs offer various thematic issues which contribute to the development of local regions and the country and could give impacts globally such as education in all level, food securities, humanitarian, religion, sustainable development goals etc.

This academically and friendly program in the form of an International Summer Programs has received positive response from various universities in the world and has become an annual event which is much anticipated by partner universities. Our summer programs have been attended by international students from various backgrounds, thus, it is a place for students to learn more and exchange ideas based on the students’ origin.  It is designed as an academically and fun programs, in which students will gain the knowledge not only by theoretical based teaching carried out in the classroom, but also students are given the opportunity to learn directly in the field from the outdoor activities. For some programs, students will involve in various activities such as public lectures, community services, internship programs and excursions. Further information on summer courses offered is available on