Student Community Services

Community empowerment is a mandatory program for every UGM student. This program is very dynamic and gives new experiences to each participant by living in a society different from the original place. In addition, there are differences of customs, culture, and life values that are new for the participants. Community empowerment program is conducted throughout Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. This makes the community empowerment program highly effective to introduce Indonesia’s richness in terms of ethnic, cultural, linguistic, landscapes, and biodiversity.

This community empowerment program opens new opportunities for international students to participate. This provides a chance for international students to experience life in Indonesian small and marginalized communities especially in the village.

This program collaborates on three elements based on the three basic principles of a university (TRI DHARMA). 

The three elements are :

  1. personality empowerment,
  2. institutional development,
  3. community empowerment. 

In the implementation, SCS-CEL opens wide cooperation capacity for various stakeholders to be able to contribute in this program. Whether it is from the government or private agencies, communities, and other stakeholders. Only through various collaborations, the SCS-CEL program will succeed its core mission; to empower and develop small-marginalized communities.


Through SCS-CEL, it is expected that student’s awareness towards everyday livelihood issues will increase. In the other hand, international students are expected to share their experiences and knowledge to the local community.


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