Student Activity & Organization

To accommodate the growth of our students, Universitas Gadjah Mada supported activities beyond the classroom. In our university, there are three major different activities and organizations: Student's Activities Unit (UKM), Buddy Club and International Students' Association (ISA).

What’s Inside UKM UGM?

To get to know more of UKM UGM, let’s learn what UKM UGM is. UKM UGM is a group of student activities that are available in Universitas Gadjah Mada. There are different types of UKM in UGM which are separated into four types to begin with. There are spiritual, arts, sports and special UKM. In the beginning of new school academic year (around August) there would be an expo called Gelanggang Expo which gives us the opportunity to know more about the UKM.

Gelanggang Expo is an annual routine event that aims to introduce student activity units (UKM) and several communities at UGM. Not just introducing them through performances from each UKM, but there will be an UKM stand that provides information about their UKM and there will be open recruitment at the stand.

More information about UKM UGM can be accessed here

Or you can take a look on UGM UKM Flyer

How to be a Buddy?

UGM Buddy Club was established in 2013 by six undergraduate students whose major is International Relations. Having experienced of going abroad, these students share the same feeling that settling in a new place we have not been familiar with is difficult and the help of local friends is very much needed. Thus, we, the buddies are trying to give our international friends some help as well as spreading the spirit to all UGM students to feel the urgency to build a more positive environment in campus in order to improve the quality of the students, not only in terms of academic and non-academic matters, but also as an individual, who is open to and accepts sociocultural differences, as a whole.

To be a buddy, you have to wait for the open recruitment session to apply for it. The classifications to be one are not hard to do and make since if we already have the will and get used to communicate, it will be something that is so enjoyable. Especially to those who love international friendship and multicultural experience, this experience might be such a wholesome for you.

More information about UGM Buddy Club can be accessed here.

What is ISA and How It Was Formed

In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic when campus was closed and classes were moved online, a new organisation was forming at Universitas Gadjah Mada to help international students stay connected. The organisation is comprised of international students from all around the world, as well as many local students passionate about connecting the local and international student body. Countries represented are Korea, the UK, Uganda, the Philippines, Malaysia, Holland and more, highlighting the diversity of UGM’s student body.

Universitas Gadjah Mada has around 1200 international students enrolled each year, which compared to the overall 55,000 is a tiny number – but that does not mean we can’t make a big difference. The International Office of UGM wholly supports the development of ISA and is prepared to help our transformation into a strong and established organisation at UGM.

More information about ISA can be accessed here.