Student Card

To get student card (for the first time) :

First, you need to go to the International Office and register your details as well as finish the visa process. Bring your LoA (Letter of Acceptance) and arrival form from OIA then go to DPP UGM.

At DPP UGM you will have your photo taken while using the alma mater of UGM. This photo is used for your student card. It will only take a few minutes and then you are good to go. After that, you can go to the DSSDI UGM (Directorate of Systems and Information Resources) where they will set you up with your UGM mail address and, if needed, your Microsoft Office account.


However, If your student card get lost you will need to follow this instruction

Step By Step :

1. Go to the police station to take care of the lost property receipt. You can go to the nearest police station within your neighborhood. The process of making the receipt is free and you will not get charged a penny. In addition, the police station will only give the original file of the receipt, if you wish to double it, you can ask for another copy then legalized it there.

2.    After getting the receipt, go to DPP UGM (Directorate of Education and Learning) which located in the south side of UGM University Club. In front of the building, you can see the account number that can be used to pay for a brand new student card. For bachelor student, the payment can be done through Mandiri Bank, while for master student, the payment can be done through BNI Bank. The information is provided right in front of the DPP building. Worry not, there are securities that will be willing to help you.

3.   Do the payment through Mandiri/BNI for Rp 20.000,-.

4.   Go back to DPP UGM and show the payment receipt also the lost property receipt.

5.  Go to the waiting room and your brand new student card will be given to you.

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