Counseling Service


Any client who plans to use the facilities of the Psychology Counseling Unit needs to register beforehand by calling +62 857-5916-1581. Registration can be done through phone call or by coming to the Psychology Counseling Unit directly. Clients will be given an explanation about the process of service, rights and obligations and administration. During this step, clients will choose the best time for their interview and psychology test.



After the registration and scheduling process, interviews will be conducted by an assistant psychologist to provide a clear image of the client’s needs.

Psychology Test

The test results will be used by a psychologist as supporting data during consultation.


Consultation will begin after all the tests are conducted according to the agreed schedule between the psychologist and the client. However, keep in mind that the agreed schedule on the first session might differ from the rest of the schedules. To simplify the scheduling process, text messaging option will be provided by the Psychology Counseling Unit. The psychologist will be chosen according to the expertise and the client’s needs.

Self-report questionnaire

This form is a modified version of the WHOQOL (World Health Organization – Quality of Life) self-administration questionnaire. In general, this form aims to assess and evaluate how individuals perceived their quality of life. The factors involved in this measurement are individuals’ physical and psychological health, relations with others, and living condition. There are a total of 17 questions with five likert options in each. Due to the subjective nature of this form, there is no right and wrong answer for each question. Everyone can partake in the form by reflecting on their condition in the past two weeks. The approximate completion time for this form is five to ten minutes.

Click here to access the form.

Should there be any questions, please come to the Psychology Counseling Unit or contact us through the phone number written on this website.

Additional Information:

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